The first two tracks of the Wounded Fhealer Series have been posted on our BANDCAMP page. Free to download. Here’s some more information:

The Wounded Fhealer Series is Make A Rising’s latest project of releasing one or two tracks at a time, for free, until all 15 planned tracks are completed.

Once completed, the tracks will be re-sequenced with possible remixing/remastering and additional arrangements, for purchase in limited vinyl form.

The vinyl release will be called “WOUNDED FHEALERS”.

These songs stem from 6 years of working through the emotional difficulty of ended relationships, and the pursuit of spiritual breakthrough.

*Please feel to pay any amount for a track, if you’d like to support this long term project. All proceeds go to helping us pay for mixing and mastering the next pair of songs.
released 10 February 2014
Recorded at Meth Beach Studios in Philadelphia, PA and in our living room in Los Angeles, CA. 2013 – 2014

Engineered by Nathan Sabatino, and Jesse Moynihan
Mixed by Nick Krill
Mastered by Hans Hitner

Make A Rising is:
Jesse Moynihan, Justin Moynihan, John Heron, Andrew Ciccone

Guest Musicians:
Dan Scofield – Saxophone
Hellen Jo – Cello
Ako Castuera – Vocals

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Two new songs have been mixed and mastered. We are determining our final plan on how to release this series of music. I think we’ll have an idea by next week and make some sort of announcement.

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Music Coming Down the Pike

We’re close to completing a few of these songs. We’re discussing releasing them 2 at a time as free downloads. and limited 7″ pressings for those peeps who enjoy physical objects: 15 or 16 songs in all.

The songs will not be released in sequence of how we would imagine them to play as a full length album, but they will be released under a banner title and some kind of signifying symbol that implies a connection between the releases. At least this is how we’re thinking about handling it.

After the complete run of songs are released, I had the idea of listeners suggesting a proper running sequence, as well as which songs to cut and then putting together an official sequence with added material.

All of this is pretty theoretical at this point. At the very least, we will be releasing a 7″ in the next few months. I am going to try to book mixing/mastering time with Colin Marston in January.

<3 Jesse

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Meanwhile I have been jamming with Tom Keville in an LA rehearsal space. Having fun, coming up with stuff for a new project. The plan is that it will be drums, bass, synths, and vocals. Right now it’s just drums and bass and a little bit of Moog when I can get at it. Here’s a little snippet of some idea we’re figuring out.

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Hey all. We have a bandcamp website now. Because maybe that’s good for us.


Eric Slick Helps Out

Hey here’s an update. Got some auxiliary electronic drum tracks from Mr. Eric Slick today (Dr. Dog). Pretty excited about how things are slowly shaping up. Thought I would post a little snippet of an unfinished, vocal-less, unmixed track. Why not right? This is the age of sharing.

or download here


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Recording Vocals

Hey its been a little while. I’ve been busy as hell but got inspired to work on some stuff this weekend. Here’s me struggling with a chorus for a song called “Growing”.

Posted: May 21st, 2012
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Hobbit Hole

Got a new synth today. Juno 60. Blowing cash on Craigslist. Been messing around with it all night. It’s 2AM now.

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Back in Los Angeles

I’m back in Los Angeles. Waiting for a new preamp and ribbon mic to come in the mail. Will start tracking violin, vocals and synths as soon as that happens. I’ll be using the Roland SH-1000, a Melotron sampler, Moog Little Phatty, Korg MS-10, and possibly a Juno 60. Been listening to a lot lot lot of Franco Battiato, from his first classic albums to his 80′s pop work. I think this is heavily informing my sound desires.

I’m hoping to have all essential tracking done by May and then mix/mastering in June.

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More recording

A few more days of recording in Philadelphia, and then I transport the tracks back to Los Angeles.

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