News for October 2013

Music Coming Down the Pike

We’re close to completing a few of these songs. We’re discussing releasing them 2 at a time as free downloads. and limited 7″ pressings for those peeps who enjoy physical objects: 15 or 16 songs in all.

The songs will not be released in sequence of how we would imagine them to play as a full length album, but they will be released under a banner title and some kind of signifying symbol that implies a connection between the releases. At least this is how we’re thinking about handling it.

After the complete run of songs are released, I had the idea of listeners suggesting a proper running sequence, as well as which songs to cut and then putting together an official sequence with added material.

All of this is pretty theoretical at this point. At the very least, we will be releasing a 7″ in the next few months. I am going to try to book mixing/mastering time with Colin Marston in January.

<3 Jesse

Posted: October 31st, 2013
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