The first two tracks of the Wounded Fhealer Series have been posted on our BANDCAMP page. Free to download. Here’s some more information:

The Wounded Fhealer Series is Make A Rising’s latest project of releasing one or two tracks at a time, for free, until all 15 planned tracks are completed.

Once completed, the tracks will be re-sequenced with possible remixing/remastering and additional arrangements, for purchase in limited vinyl form.

The vinyl release will be called “WOUNDED FHEALERS”.

These songs stem from 6 years of working through the emotional difficulty of ended relationships, and the pursuit of spiritual breakthrough.

*Please feel to pay any amount for a track, if you’d like to support this long term project. All proceeds go to helping us pay for mixing and mastering the next pair of songs.
released 10 February 2014
Recorded at Meth Beach Studios in Philadelphia, PA and in our living room in Los Angeles, CA. 2013 – 2014

Engineered by Nathan Sabatino, and Jesse Moynihan
Mixed by Nick Krill
Mastered by Hans Hitner

Make A Rising is:
Jesse Moynihan, Justin Moynihan, John Heron, Andrew Ciccone

Guest Musicians:
Dan Scofield – Saxophone
Hellen Jo – Cello
Ako Castuera – Vocals

Posted: February 10th, 2014
Categories: New Music
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